How to register the workshop (Invited participants)
The workshop will be held using the ZOOM webinar and it will be only open to the invited participants.
Also, the webinar will be live-streamed on Youtube for the general participants.
How to join the workshop
If you are the invited participants who need registration, we will send you the registration link.
Once you register, you will have a confirmation email with ZOOM webinar link.
Once you click it, the ‘ZOOM client meetings’ will be automatically downloaded and the webinar will be initiated.
Please join the webinar at least 10 minutes before it starts.
Where to download ‘ZOOM client meetings’
It is recommended to download it at least one day before the workshop.
Mobile: ‘Zoom cloud meetings’ at the App Store or Google Play.
Youtube "CSDLAP tv" (General participants)
The webinar will be live-streamed on Youtube channel “CSDLAP tv”
It provides live streaming & recorded video.
Satisfaction Survey
The survey for the invited participant will be conducted online, using Google Forms.
Survey Link
Workshop Presentation Files

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· They are also uploaded on this homepage "Project & Research Material > Capacity Strengthening of government officials" tab.