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Capacity Strengthening of Government Officials

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Capacity Strengthening of Government Officials
Stakeholder executive workshops
High level government officials and other stakeholders
  • 1) High-level policy workshops for better enhance government-related policy capabilities (local government officials and relevant stakeholders)
  • 2) Enhance the capability of the government and other relevant personnel, enhance the education and research capabilities of the universities,
        along with diffusing the project achievements to the international community and establishing a feedback system
  • 1) Hold high-level policy workshops for government officials and relevant stakeholders in Ethiopia
  • 2) Co-host the program development and management with GGGI, UNDP, and Hawassa University
  • 3) Discussion and suggestions for improvement of Ethiopian government policy through the individual workshop results
  • 4) Lay the foundation for the development of a new executive courses on forestry sector driven climate change policy in the mid-term to long-term,
        mainly by Hawassa University, and organizations such as GGGI (optional)
  • 5) Develop a policy proposal for the government to address climate change in the forest sector based on three-year workshop contents