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Teaching materials
Publishing approximately 10 teaching materials
  • 1) Teaching material development for our stakeholders, including professors, students, and government officials,
         with the contents utilizes in core personnel training programs
  • 2) Publishing research papers and releasing theses based on the reinforcement of research capabilities using high-quality textbooks and others
  • 1) The teaching material will be about forestry, Global Climate Change Governance, Article 6 of the Paris Agreement, MRV,
         International cooperation on forestry/ climate change, Korea-Ethiopia cooperation, and transfer of Forest Technology in Korea
  • 2) Developing and distributing education materials

    Workshop for teaching material
    by authors and experts

    Will be developed in e-contents

  • 3) Submitting and publishing research papers/ theses
    · Research topics
    - Calling for collaboration to cope with climate change in Ethiopia : focused on forestry
    - The role of area exclosure/degraded landscape restoration/ for socioecological systems resilience building towards climate induced impacts
    - Biophysical dynamics of forest shifting cultivation : Its implication for climate change and carbon sequestrations in East Wollega, Ethiopia
    - Effect of Teff-Acacia decurrens intercropping rotation on soil organic carbon and total nitrogen stocks in Awi Zone, North Western Ethiopia
  • 4) Short-term training in Hawassa University