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The Paris Agreement provides new opportunities for developing countries by realizing low carbon development. In this context, it is important to enhance the capacity of high education institutions such as universities in developing countries. In the case of Ethiopia, Wondo Genet College of Hawassa University has actively sought for opportunities to develop and strengthen its teaching and research capabilities to nurture future leaders in Ethiopia in the field of climate change policy and research. In this regard, KOICA has funded project on enhancing the capacity of Ethiopia focusing on forestry, which aims at providing cutting edge knowledge and research/teaching skills on forestry management, Article 6 and MRV issues of the Paris Agreement.

The project is planned to be of three-year duration, from January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2020. Yet, the website will remain as a sustainable knowledge network for climate change in forestry sector, walking along with the world towards sustainable development.